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We are a specialist consulting engineers for piped services (Design & Analysis).

We offer a complete toolbox of digital solutions and methods, solving common mechanical services issues:

◆ Thermal Expansion

◆ Pipe Stress Analysis

◆ Flange Selection & Leakage tests

◆ Anti-vibration and acoustics

◆ Seismic & Wind Analysis

◆ Safety Relief Valve

◆ Water Hammer Analysis

◆ Equipment Nozzle Loads Validation & Design

◆ Pipe Sizing

◆ Steelwork Design for Pipe Supports

◆ Project Management & Project Design

Modern buildings can be complex, the engineering problems in mechanical service have not changed, just our solutions have got better. All designs fully compliant to British, European and International standards!

Our Previous Work:

◆ Energy, power plants: Our highly qualified and experienced engineers have been involved in solving some of the very complex problems in power plants and energy sector in general.

◆ Industrial: From High Pressure steam mains to industrial food industry, we provide effective and lasting design solutions

◆ MoD: Our high quality of work makes us the perfect partner for complicated design projects

◆ Infrastructure: From bridges to underground transport our engineers have seen it all

◆ High Rise: Our engineers have helped to provide the complex engineering that has helped to create the London skyline

◆ Pharmaceutical: Longevity and consistency of our designs give great confidence that the investments will be constructed efficiently and last

◆ High end residential: Creating livable spaces, its easy to take for granted the warm spaces we live in and the access to hot and drinking water. Our engineers have ensured these services are available all the time every-time.