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Steel Structures Design


◆ All designs are compliant to relevant EURO-CODE

All Factors Examined

We have the engineering experience to solve all problems related to:

◆ Overstress of Steelwork.

◆ Steelwork failure due to excessive deflection.

◆ Wind analysis.

◆ Snow loads and Seismic.

Safety and Assurance

◆ All designs are fully compliant with standard Structural codes & insurance backed,


Designed and Approved

Merivale Design Group provide complete design solution for all supporting structure:

◆ Merivale utilise Finite Element Analysis or Beam analysis to provide solutions for all combination of steel structures, from simple beams to complex interconnected multi-service supports. 

◆ Our engineers have the experience and tools to provide solutions that fit the constraints of your project, all our designs are compliant with the latest Euro-code.

◆ Designs include for load cases including:

◆ Wind loading, Snow, Seismic, Static and live loads.

Full and detailed reports including:

◆ Material Stresses, Deflections, Steel utilization, Concrete fixings, Pipe Support details and more....

◆ As each model is designed and drawn in the 3D environment, for easy coordination and integration into your BIM models or REVIT Systems.

◆ Why not combine with your Engineered Pipe Model to have a truly comprehensive results with our Structural Analysis Software & our CAD software for concept frame design.