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Failed Pipework System


◆ Merivale Design Group offer a comprehensive and systematic approach to analyse the causes behind the failure and our Engineering experts can provide solutions to get you back up and running.


Why Us?

◆ Our skillful engineers have been involved in solving some of complex failed piping systems for the past few years, with the experience and tools we were able to provide quick and simple solutions to get you running again.

Resolution Planning

◆ 3D Piping will be generated from the scans captured from site; Merivale Design Group will take the guess work out of pipe designs to advance to next stage.

◆ A detailed resolution will be put forward once initial assessment report is created.


If its Broke, Fix It…. Quick

Suffering a failure of pipework can be a troubling time for everyone involved. Water damage is still the most common insurance claim in the country. Financial implications aside, the downtime of critical services and potential Health and Safety Risks can affect every business.

A systematic and reliable process!

◆ Identifying the cause of failure: Merivale will walk the site and review the location where the failure has occurred. Taking photographs and notes about the installation.

◆ If there is a lack of information on the current installation a 3D scan of the affected area can be taken from as little as £600

◆ Defining the scope of study: Merivale will provide details of Potential causes of the failure and a create a proposal and costs for investigation into these.