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Code Compliance

◆ Merivale Design Group uses computational stress analysis models to perfectly design piping systems, utilizing the British, European and all international piping codes.

Safety and Assurance

◆ All our designs are fully insurance backed.

Complete Design

◆ Merivale Design Group will provide complete thermal expansion control design of the system with innovation solutions, ensuring time and cost efficiency at its best.


Process and Steam Pipe Designs

Our complete analysis service checks, validates and provides any modifications required to achieve code compliance. 

◆ There are many factors which can cause undue stress in pipework these include:

◆ Dead weight of pipe or insufficient supporting (Sag).

◆ Thermal Expansion movements and expansion control design.   

◆ Equipment nozzle load analysis and flange leakage checks.

◆ Water hammer.            

◆ Seismic, Wind loads and more.              

A Pipe Stress Analysis provides all the information required to ensure a safe and quality install including reports on:

◆ Pipe Stress, Material selections, and support loading,